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Generations Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the short-lived soap opera, Generations. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any aticle, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for fans of the short-lived soap opera.

Premiere Date: March 27, 1989Edit


Created by Sally Sussman, Generations centers on two Chicago families - one black, one white - whose lives have been linked for several generations.

Generations begins, appropriately enough, with a scene from a soap opera called Tomorrow's Another Day. The leading lady of the serial is Jessica Gardner, an alcoholic. In spite of her enormous popularity as the heroine Lacey, her erratic behavior is beginning to take its toll on her nerves of the show's executive producer, Leonard Cooper.

Watching Jessica and her costars emote is Rob Donnelly, a biology professor at the university. Unempressed with the histrionics, Rob snaps off the set and turns his attention toward the beautiful blonde who's asleep in his bed. The woman is Stephanie "Sam" Whitmore, one of Rob's students. Sam finally wakes up and asks Rob what happened.

As Rob reminds Sam of the previous night's tutoring session/lovemaking, stroke victim Hugh Gardner stares blankly at Tomorrow's Another Day. When Jessica appears on the screen, however, the old man's eyes are wide open with recognition. He tries calling out his estranged daughter's name and has a fatal heart attack.

College student Adam Marshall visits his father Henry at one of the five ice cream parlors owned by the family. He hits his father up for money to fix his damaged sports car and leaves. Afterward, Henry tells his assistant Wally how Marshall's Chicago Ice Cream came to be. Many years ago wealthy Rebecca Whitmore, who's now a divorced attorney, co-signed the loan Henry and his wife Ruth needed to open their first store. What Henry seems to be oblivious to the fact that while Ruth acknowledges Rebecca's help in getting them started, Ruth is very cool toward her, a feeling which stems from childhood. Ruth grew up in the Whitmore mansion as the daughter of the housekeeper, Vivian.

After checking out of an alcoholic treatment center, Jessica and her agent Murray learn of Hugh's death. Jessica decides to return to Chicago after an absence of ten years. She wants to pay her respects to her late father... and find out if he remembered her in his will.

Rebecca's granddaughter Monique McCallum is mugged on her way to a job interview. A fellow named Jason retrieves her purse, and a grateful Monique invites him over for coffee. She later tells her Aunt Sam, who's also her roommate, that she's attracted to this knight-in-shining armor. Sam's happy for her, but asks Monique not to mention the mugging to Monique's mom, Laura, lest she makes the young woman move back home. Meanwhile, Rob begins to suspect and rightfully so, that Sam's interest in him...

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