When Generations debuted in March of 1989, Doreen was a recovering drug addict and was married to powerful business tycoon Martin Jackson.

Doreen became jealous of her best friend, Ruth Marshall, because of her success and lifestyle, having moved into the Whitmore mansion in the North Shore. Doreen had an affair with Ruth's son, Adam Marshall, under the name "Eve" and eventually became pregnant with his child. Doreen and Adam weren't aware of the other person's identity at the time of the affair. The "who's the daddy" storyline, went on involving paternity tests with a ingenious "black specific" twist, involving the possibility of the baby having the sickle-cell trait if one or the other of the men was the real father. When her sworn enemy, Maya Reubens, discovered that Adam was the father of her baby and not her husband Martin, she blackmailed her into staying away from Adam. Later,the truth came out that Adam was the father of Doreen's baby girl "Danielle"!

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Doreen and her nemesis, Maya Reubens

After Martin divorced her for having slept with Adam, Doreen began an affair with Daniel Reubens, Maya's father, who had been recently cleared of murder charges. Eventually, this resulted in probably the most famous Generations scene ever, the epic catfight between Doreen and Maya.
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A scene during Doreen and Maya's catfight